Hello, my name is Riyaz. I'm a Fullstack Developer from India

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I am a maker and student based in India.

I code in HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the web, Python/Node.js for backends and Java for mobiles.

I worked as an intern at HomeCampus

I am also one of the amazing mainteners of ESFiddle

Here are some of my open source projects

portfolioVue Created by riyaz-ali

My Portfolio Site

esfiddleCSS Created by riyaz-ali

Try out the newest ES6+ features in your browser

resumifyVue Created by riyaz-ali

Beautiful resumes right in your browser

sprinejsJavaScript Created by riyaz-ali

A JavaScript API for creating Facebook Messenger bots in node

webapp2Python Created by riyaz-ali

webapp2 is a framework for Google App Engine

Interested in a project?

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